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Before choosing a generator, the first thing that should be understood is how differently military and consumer manufacturers rate the output of their generators. Military ratings are extremely under rated while consumer generators are typically extremely over rated. For a detailed explanation of how these figures are derived and a better understanding of how you can determine the best fit for your application, please visit the Output Ratings page. In most cases, the generator you think you need will be larger than necessary when considering one of our refurbished military generators in the same output range. We'd rather see you purchase what's best for you, not what's best for us.
These 800 series Tactical Quiet Generators (TQG) are the latest and greatest field power generating equipment our fighting forces have available to them. Ideal for home owners, tradesmen and business owners alike. Whether your looking for standby power for home, primary power for a remote camp or site power as a trademan, the MEP-802a and MEP-803a are ideal units. Both models can operate in either single or three phase with the turn of a knob. Engineered for the tribulations of battle, these generators are extremely over-built and designed to run 24x7 in any weather and any temperature. Built tough from the ground up, there's just nothing else like these available. Period. They're even quiet down to 70dB at 100% load making them ideal for residential settings. These generators feature 1800RPM Lister-Petter (re-branded Onan) Diesel engines capable of tens of thousands of hours; most of ours units have around 1000 hours or less at time of sale. All of our generators are in very good cosmetic condition and perfect working order. We even load test them. Our surplus military generators are far superior to anything you can buy commercially in the same price range. To find out more, check out our Why Surplus? page.
  • Glow plugs
  • Electric intake air pre-heaters
  • 24V deep cycle electrical system
  • User selectable power configuration
  • Dual stage fuel strainer & filter system
  • 100% Napa/Wix compatible filters
  • Aluminum tactical skid mounted
  • Four corner D-rings for lifting or securing.
  • Dual fuel pumps
  • 'Nite-Lites' panel lights
  • High / Low oil pressure shutdown
  • Over / under volt protection
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Emergency 'battle short' override
  • Dual 120V GFCI protected outlet on front panel
  • Threaded iron pipe exhaust
  • Designed to withstand all weather & climates
     Dimensions 51L x 32W x 37H
     Maximum Weight 888 lbs
     Fuel Capacity 5 Gallons (8hrs at 100% load)
    Temp. Range  -25.6F to +122F
     Manufacturer Lister Petter (rebranded Onan)
    Model LPW2 (DN2M) - Direct Injection
     Fuel Diesel Fuel / #2 Heating Oil
     Fuel Consumption 6/10th GPH @ 100% load
     # of Cylinders Two
     Compression Ratio 18.5:1
     Oil Capacity 3.7 qts.
     Oil Type 15w-40
     Displacement 56.75 cu. in. (930 cc)
     Horsepower 13.7 Peak, 12.5 Continuous
     Torque 36.4 ft lbs max
     Engine Speed 1800RPM
    Cooling System Mechanical Pump(Liquid Cooled)
     Governor Internal Flyball (Mechanical)
     Frequency 60Hz
     Voltage 120/240/208
     Phase One / Three (User Selectable)
     Battery Voltage 24VDC
     Battery Type Group 51R

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Upgrades and add-ons: Installed: Parts kit only:  
  External fuel hose & tank adapter N/A $99.99  
  24V Battery Maintainer $149.99 $99.99  

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