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The 800 series MEP generators are the military’s most current and state of the art power plants available. They are known as the TQG series, or Tactical Quiet Generator. They are whisper quiet, fuel efficient, loaded with safety features and designed to operate 24x7 @ 100% load. These generators are capable of single and three phase operation in a variety of voltages and are built in an enclosure suitable for any weather or outdoor condition. Built on a steel skid, mounting these generators to a trailer is as easy as threading a few grade 8 bolts in each of the four corners. Operating for extended durations can easily be achieved by hooking up a supply hose and fuel source to the auxiliary pump. You won’t find a more feature rich, rugged or more competitively priced generator ANYWHERE on the commercial market. With the extremely low number of hours these units have, you can expect them to last a very long time. @ approximately 300 hours, they are as close to new as you can get. Everything has been load tested and confirmed working 100% inside and out. If your business needs are in the 30KW range, the MEP-805a would make an ideal generator providing years of reliable service.

  • Whisper quiet state of the art technology
  • 92 HP Turbo Charged Diesel Engine
  • Extreme cold weather starting aid system
  • 24V deep cycle electrical system
  • User selectable power configuration
  • User friendly spin-on filters
  • Aluminum tactical skid mounted
  • Corner lift hooks and tie downs
  • Mechanical primary fuel pump
  • Electric auxiliary pump
  • 'Nite-Lites' panel lights
  • Numerous engine and electrical system safety features
  • Threaded iron pipe exhaust
  • Designed to withstand all weather & climates
     Dimensions 80L x 36W x 55H
     Maximum Weight 2931 lbs
     Fuel Capacity 23 Gallons
    Temp. Range  -25F to +125F
     Manufacturer John Deere
     Model 4039T - Turbo Charged
     Fuel Diesel Fuel / #2 Heating Oil
     # of Cylinders Four
     Coolant Capacity 15.5 qts.
     Oil Capacity 15 qts.
     Oil Type 15w-40
     Displacement 239 cu. in. (3.9L)
     Horsepower 92
     Engine Speed 1800RPM
     Cooling System Pressurized Radiator & Pump
     Governor Electronic - Barber-Colman
     Frequency 50/60Hz
     Voltage 120/208/240/416
     Phase One / Three
     Current Rating 120/208 - 104 Amps
  240/416 - 52 Amps
     Battery Voltage 24VDC
     Battery Type Group 24

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