Why Buy a Military Surplus Generator?

Military generators are built to the highest military requirements. Unlike consumer products or even commercial products, military equipment is built to a specification, NOT a price point. They need to operate in any environment, at any temperature and for any length of time. When these generators are manufactured, meeting requirements is first and foremost with cost being an after thought. All consumer, commercial and industrial grade generator manufacturers focus their top priority on making money. They'll use 1% less copper, 1 gauge smaller wire, a zinc screw rather than a grade 8 bolt. All these cut corners, regardless of how small or large they may be, add up to profits for these companies. These generators are unlike anything available on the consumer market. Price is no object to the DoD. Everything is built to the highest quality standards. Grade 8 bolts everywhere, thicker and more copper windings than necessary, aluminum used throughout to prevent rust, redundant fuel pumps... the list goes on and on. Nothing can compare the the level of quality these generators are built to. A side by side comparison of military surplus generators and the best commercially available generators will leave military diesels ahead in every column... except price.

Dependability What would you rather have keeping your home or business running when the lights go out? A cheap off-the-shelf gasoline generator, a cheap Chinese made diesel generator or something built IN the US, FOR US Military, designed to operate anywhere on the planet? These generators are over built, rock solid and very simple machines. They are designed to be easy to repair in the field and operated by people with little to no electrical or technical training. With a low speed 1800RPM American made Onan diesel engine, these generators can run in excess of 10,000 hours before requiring major engine work.
Price Compared to equivelent equipment on the used market, our prices win every time. High quality, low speed diesel generators with three phase power capabilities are just not available at these prices. We sell high quality American made military surplus generators at prices that just cannot be competed with. We stand behind our products and support our customers after the sale. We take pride in what we do and what we sell; you wont find a better value for the money.

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